Romania is famous for Dracula but what else?

Life In The Louder Lane

Yes, ‘Dracula’s Castle’ is located in Transylvania which is within Romania, and yes, it may be the most visited attraction in Romania but there’s so much more to see and do in Romania. Besides, ‘Dracula’s Castle’ (Bran Castle) isn’t much chop, to be honest (read on to find out why.)

The Visa

No dramas if you’re Australian getting into Romania. We had our passports stamped at the border and the guard asked us a couple of questions to see if we had enough money for our stay in Romania (just to make sure we weren’t going to work illegally.) As always check the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs website for the latest visa info.


General Advice and how much to budget

  • BEWARE! Hopping on the train at Bucharest station before the train gets going you’ll be hassled by people asking for money. They often do this in a very cunning…

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