Ever considered travelling through Ukraine?

Life In The Louder Lane

We did! A lot of people were surprised when we told them Ukraine was on our list of countries to visit. It isn’t really on the regular tourist route around Europe, but perhaps that is what intrigued us even more. Visiting Ukraine also changed a lot of our preconceptions of this fascinating country.



Before we left, we read up that the visa rules had changed for Australians, and that you could now get a visa on arrival IF you entered the country through Borispol Airport in Kiev, or the sea port in Odessa. If you’re Australian and want to know more, click here: Embassy of Ukraine in Australia

This actually changed our itinerary a fair bit as it was a much cheaper option to do the visa this way, so we decided to fly into Kiev’s Borispol Airport. We knew that we still had to be prepared for the application…

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