The Biggest Water Ski Tournament in the World

It’s the 60th year of the Moomba Parade…a festival for the people that began in 1955. This only resonates with Victorians who have Monday off because it’s a Labour day holiday. For the rest of us in the world wide water skiing community, Monday is even more treasured…it’s Moomba Monday.

200,000 people line the bank to watch the best water skiers in the world battle it out for the Moomba crown. What makes it even more exciting is the Yarra. That dirty, salt water, possibly parasite ridden river that runs through the heart of Melbourne. Any local will tell you you’re crazy for swimming in it. Fellow skiers will tell you you’re mad if you’re expecting a good run at on The Yarra. More elite skiers have fallen victim to The Yarra than I’ve had hot dinners.

But all this just adds to the excitement of the Moomba Masters. It’s the one time we get to see the worlds best skiers battle it out in conditions they aren’t used to while they have the cheers and jeers of hundreds of thousands of fixated onlookers to contend with.

The day is nie. Hold onto your hats folks cause Moomba Monday is coming and anything can happen.

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