2013 Junior Moomba Masters Day 1

We started today behind the eight ball straight away after not one but two octuple sculls rowed into the front of the jump puncturing the ramp floats on both occasions. Full credit must go to the Junior Moomba organisers still starting on time with boys tricks. Although tricks ran up river from the Swan Street Bridge so the ramp could have some maintenance done to it.

No surprises in boys tricks even though Joshua Briant fell very early on his toe run it was still enough to take top seed into round 2 with 6430 ahead of Taylor Garcia (5500) and Tyce Zendler (4830). The standard of tricking in the junior girls was a little higher than the boys with favourite Erika Lang leading with 8990 ahead of Canadian Chantal Singer (5520) and Aussie Bianca Mulach (5340).

The junior girls did both their rounds of slalom today due to the ramp still being worked on. The scores were lower than usual for all 13 girls after the first round but for the second round the wind died down and the current settled, this showed in the scores. Every girl skied better in the second round some even more than two passes better! After a mediocre first round Kara Macintyre put a score out to beat with 4@12m and it wasn’t until Erika Lang that the 13m line was run again. Lang scored 3@12m which gave her an equal combined score with Macintyre. After a count back to the 2nd round score Macintyre was given the lead. Last off the dock, Chantal Singer couldn’t chase down the two Americans but took the last spot on the podium with 4@13m.

In junior boys slalom the 12m line was run 4 times in the first round which goes to show the high standard of skiing, especially on The Yarra. The South African Eamon Van Der Merwe was the first person to run it scoring 2@11.25m, Aussie Joshua Briant equalled this score while next off the dock Jonah Shaffer was half a buoy below the leaders with 1.5@11.25m. After narrowly missing out on the finals for last weekend’s Australian Open Dane Mechler surely made up for it taking top seed into the second round with 3.5@11.25m.

After some more maintenance on the jump ramp it was still slightly out after homologation so the junior jump event was postponed until tomorrow. If all goes to plan the rowers will see the big red thing in the water that is about 4 metres wide and 7 metres long and we will be ready to jump tomorrow.

It all starts tomorrow with junior boys trick at 8am


The Yarra River at 7pm with the jump ramp that is ever so slightly out

Joshua Louder

Another day gone, another Australian record broken

It was an overcast start to (what was meant to be) the final day of preliminary rounds. Due to technical difficulties during the jump event the over 35 women slalom preliminary round, with Mel Collins, is moved to tomorrow (Saturday).

In the over 45 mens trick this morning Mark Louder stood up both his passes but unfortunately a few of his tricks were scrubbed by the judges, in the end scoring 1550. This put him only 300 points out of the finals and he ended up with 9th.

The over 35 mens jump had the Rocketman Scot Ellis as the top seed and he didn’t disappoint, launching 61.5 metres on the lower 1.65 metre ramp. This well and truly gave him 1st spot going into the finals.

Graham Ashcroft was coming off a shaky familiarisation before the tournament, where he took a bit of a crash (out the front). This didn’t worry him one bit as he broke Mark Louder’s Australian over 45 men jump record with a jump of 42.4 metres! This gave us our 3rd Aussie into the finals on the weekend and he sits in 6th spot.


The ever exciting over 35 mens slalom had three Australians in it with Martin Ayles first off the dock. The nerves did get to Ayles a bit and he took a fall around 3 buoy on his first pass. Darryl Shorten had better luck getting 2.5@16m, a great effort for his first international tournament. Australian record holder Peter Cornale ran 12m and got 2.5@11.25m. American Mike McCormick equalled this and it was looking like it was going to be a run off for the last spot in the finals. As the Australians all looked on anxiously it wasn’t to be as Scot Ellis snatched that last spot in the finals with 3@11.25m.


This is where things start to get interesting moving into the finals (with the exception of Mel Collins who skis her first round tomorrow). These +35 Worlds finals are new and uncharted territory for the Australians but I have no doubt they will not disappoint.

Mel Collins will be skiing her first round tomorrow morning (Sunday 1am AEDT) followed by Sue Crisp tricking in the over 55 women final. After lunch Mark Louder and Graham Ashcroft will be looking to improve on there records in the over 55 and over 45 mens jump respectively. Our last Aussie skiing in Saturday’s finals will be Sue Crisp slaloming in the over 55 women final.

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