2013 Moomba Masters Day 1

Two past champions of Moomba take the lead after the first round

It was Emma Sheers and Andy Mapple, after a few years break from this infamous tournament, taking the lead in womens and big dawg slalom. In the jump event it was the number one ranked woman and man, Marion Mathieu and Freddy Krueger, taking the number one seed going into the semi finals.

Local girl and a favourite here on the banks of the Yarra, Emma Sheers, went out early off the dock and put out the unbeatable score of 3.5@11.25m. It was the Canadian Whitney Mcclintock who almost chased down the Aussie with a score of 2.5@11.25m while Anais Amade took the 3rd seed going into the semi finals, 2@11.25m.

In this the second year the Big Dawg slalom competition it was a man who is very familiar with the Yarra river after winning several slalom titles, Andy Mapple, running the 10.75m line to take top honours after the first round.

Freddy 'The Nightmare' Krueger getting hold of a 66.1m jump

Freddy ‘The Nightmare’ Krueger getting hold of a 66.1m jump

Jump distances were a little lower than usual in the first round due to a challenging head current. Number one ranked skier on the elite rankings, Marion Mathieu, popped out a 50.1m leap to take 1st going into todays semi final. The United States Alex Lauretano was a metre behind here, 49.1m and 2011’s champion Jacinta ‘Rabbit’ Carroll was a bit further behind the lead with a 48.0m jump.

One of the biggest fields for mens jump took the water yesterday afternoon with 24 skiers. Last year’s overall champion Joel Wing was leading for most of the time with a 61.2m jump until the 2010 Champ Damian Sharman took the lead off him with a 62.0m. Fresh off his Australian Open win, Ryan Dodd took top spot with one skier left on the dock with a jump of 63.4m. It was world record holder Freddy Krueger who was head and shoulders above the competition with a 66.1m leap which gave him number one seed easily going into Sunday’s semi final.

Last night’s Night Jump event saw the Slovakian Martin Bartalsky take the cash with a 55.1m leap in the final. It was the Australian Joshua Louder who pushed him all the way with a 52.1m jump in the final. ‘Rabbit’ Carroll did extremely well being the only woman jumping in the night jump event and making the semi final last night with a 50+ metre jump, bigger than what she went in the day!

The Smiling Assassin, Steven Moss

The Smiling Assassin, Steven Moss

Today on the Yarra will be womens tricks, mens tricks, men slalom, womens jump semi final and big dawg slalom semi final.

Live results can be found on:  http://www.iwwfed-ea.org/competition.php?cc=T-13AUS318&page=live

Live webcast can be found on: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/moomba-masters-2013—melbourne

Joshua Louder

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